Stock Watchlist April 19th 2021

Here we are! Second to last week of the month. We’ve seen seasonality play out for a bullish April so far. We also accurately anticipated rotation into Tech for Q2, which has produced some really nice moves – MSFT / FB / SQ / TSLA / AAPL. As a result, index’s SPY QQQ DIA are at/near all time highs – with IWM lagging slightly behind them. Crypto & alt-coins have been on a big run as well. We saw a nice crypto pullback Saturday into Sunday morning in which I added some LINK coin.

Not all names have done well in this recent rally. The SPAC names that were once sky high are still downtrending. I continue to avoid momentum stocks that were hot beginning of this year. Many of them are down over 50-60%. If a stock you’re looking at is going down while market is all time highs, AVOID. Maybe keep it on radar incase of a trend change.

This week I will be doing much less trading. I’m expecting some downside with chop inbetween. Puts may be in play IF you’re fast. The market is still bullish but it needs a breather, IMO. My plan for this week is to focus on some content creation for the squad while this market hopefully pulls back a bit and gives us some new setups into next week. I’ll be here to answer questions & provide charts whenever needed. I expect next week (month end week of April) to be bullish and I will look to position long towards the end of this week.

SPY looks a bit extended here with RSI 74.75 + approaching key trendline above. It’s gone vertical.. pullback would be best scenario.

QQQ similar look – currently at an important trendline which leads back to Corona crash lows March 2020. As of pre-market some tech stocks are pulling down a bit, which honestly is the best situation for new setups to the upside. Be patient this week.

As far as individual charts I’ll share a few below

EBAY has earnings coming up next week. Chart looks amazing for higher. Earnings may be the catalyst to push it further. I’m expecting solid results.

SQ – we accurately forecasted it’s most recent breakout + gap fill and I missed the entire thing. Was slightly frustrating, but we move forward. It’s looking to set up again for another run after this pullback IMO

TLSA – nailed this bull flag to the T. Redeemed myself from missing SQ, was a big confidence booster. She’s pulling back and one week away from earnings. As I called the 575 zone a buy, I’m now waiting for it to settle down a bit and go long again. I took a swing overnight from Friday which will get crushed at open due to the gap down. All good, will wait for the next setup

AAPL – think this one may go crazy on it’s earnings results. solid name to own long term, as with most of them we put on our watchlist. we focus on quality companies, chart patterns, and news catalysts.

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