Stock Watchlist April 13th 2021

In this watchlist I’m going to start quickly with the index’s and go into a few individual names. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some healthy pullback/consolidation on the index’s here while individual names can continue to run higher due to rotation. Names like MSFT (heavy weight) seem a bit stretched up here and may need a breather which will drag QQQ/SPY down a bit.

SPY – RSI getting a little hot nearing 72, pullback expected in index’s. As mentioned above, individual names can still do well due to rotation

TSLA – likely our next runner. For this name I have been sharing my 20 Simple Moving Average swing chart. The idea is get long the stock when we close above 20SMA. After a steep downtrend from overbought levels, we are now back above with 8 days of closing above. This is building a massive silent momentum in TSLA

It set up perfectly out the gate on Monday. I had been long some short term options and got a gift of getting out breakeven on that nice move, then repositioned long again with more time. We closed above Psychological $700 level first time since March 17th. Earnings coming up April 26th which should continue boosting the stock up into the report. What it does after? Who knows. We’ll see how the chart looks heading into report day. Until then, I’ve got my eyes on this nice pattern that’s developed and positioned for a swing.

Key levels above – so once we cross 708.16 it’s going to likely have a swift move through 713.18 > 717.85 > 721.11 >726.15 – above this tight zone we move to 737.21 > 745 > which leads to gap fill at 762.64 to 781.30 – this is not likely to happen all in one day of course

Key levels below – if we take out Monday’s low of 682.09 this pattern is broken. high conviction if we hold that low and build upon 700 level heading into ER

FDX – continues to look great. got into a swing today and took the 30%+ profits. Likely re-enter into this one again as this has room to 295-300 zone and then all time high move into the $300 club where it should establish itself moving forward

EBAY – still looks solid, super simple chart. nice look over 8EMA and rest of moving averages – earnings April 27th. My guess is they beat and go higher. I am in a swing with 5/21 expiration. May hold through the ER

AAPL – looks great and ready to attack all time highs soon

DKNG – one that’s on this list not because of the momentum behind it but simply a bounce idea off an ‘h pattern’ – low conviction – could take a few days to get going

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