Stock Watchlist 7 Dec 2020

AMD (long swing idea) – this one is setting up to break into the $100 club very soon. Weekly chart is breaking out of a trading range and we hit all time highs on Friday. Looking to enter a long position on this one.

AAPL (long swing idea) – Full disclosure: currently long AAPL via calls. AAPL had it’s highest weekly close in 11 weeks after trading in a healthy range.

TSLA (potential mover again) – watching TSLA haven’t initiated any positions as I didn’t take the dip at $550 last week, and then it gapped up on the daily chart and continued strength. Interested to see how this one plays out. Might play a lower cost vertical call spread on this one.

BIGC – (long term position / swing idea) – this one came across my radar, a friend of mine mentioned this being a great commerce platform and I have been watching the chart. It’s now setting up really nicely. Options market on this one is low liquidity so I may enter in some shares for a long swing/investing position. I could see this over $100 pretty quickly

SQ (long swing idea) – again SQ on the radar, we nailed this one several times and she’s setting up again. Looking for a break of $213 area. Currently gapping up in pre-market. Daily chart is setting up really nicely above the 8EMA. It can ride the 8EMA for a long time and keep pushing higher.

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