Stock Market Watchlist for 16 Nov 2020

For best viewing experience on mobile, turn your phone sideways into landscape mode. Each chart is interactive in which you can zoom in and out by pinching / stretching fingers on the chart. It’s encouraged to also view multiple time frames (30min, 1hr, 4 hr) to get different perspectives on price action.

AAPL – above the mid line of the Bollinger bands / has been consolidating within the bands for a few weeks now after the stock split pump & selloff
Positives: setting up above 8 EMA / 21 EMA

Levels to watch and set price alerts on:
Friday’s low – 117.87 / Friday’s high 119.67

Last week’s high 121.99 – for upward momentum we would want to see a move above $120.53 (recent 4hr highs) and break above last week’s high of 121.99 – which opens the door to next levels of 123 / 125 / 126.91 / 128.84

Last week’s low 114.13 (for us to break below that there would have to be significant selling pressure on tech market) – a warning sign would first be breaking below 117.87 and 116.44 after that

SQ – (long swing watch) – I like the current weekly chart, we had a big move up to $201.33 ATH (all time highs) after their earnings report results / then it pulled back sharply in 2 days to a low of 167.11 
Positives: above 21 / 55 / 100 EMA

Levels to watch and set price alerts on:
Friday’s high 180.90 / Friday’s low of 175.50

Above 180.90 leads to 184.26 / 191.31 

NFLX – (potential short day trade watch) – currently below the mid line of BB (Bollinger band)
Negatives: below 8 / 21 / 55 / 100 EMA’s (showing relative weakness)

Levels to watch and set price alerts on:
Fridays’s high 477.80 – flashed under Friday’s low of 477.80 real quick within the last half hour of the day / Friday’s high 488.94

Below 477.80 (Friday’s low) opens the door to a test of last week’s low 463.41, which could make for a nice intraday short trade. If it goes below that, 458.60 to 450 psychological price support next




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