Stock Market Watchlist 17 Nov 2020

TLSA – (long swing via calls/shares) – SPECIAL EDITION! TSLA gets the decision to be included in the S&P 500 index. Big after hours gain over $55 / 13%+. Last time TSLA had a big catalyst was their share price split and the stock ran up over 80% in 2 weeks. Chart has been setting up so wonderfully consolidating for the next leg up.

Key technical levels:

$465.90 (10/14/2020 high of day which looked like it was going to breakout higher)

$479.04 – opens door to $502.49 ATH (all time high) and beyond (much higher IMO)

WMT – ER (earnings report) BMO (before market open) – just hit $153.40 ATH (all time high) and closed at $152.44 (highest close) – watching to see the earnings reaction for a momentum play whether it’s up or down. I’ve noticed WMT last 3 earnings reports tends to open higher after report and sell off for a few days after. IF this same pattern develops I’ll look to short it (profit from downside) – If it doesn’t repeat and WMT continues higher we could see $160 (measured move from the monthly chart) and will scalp the momentum to the upside

HD – ER (earnings report) BMO (before market open) – it’s been consolidating in a wide range from $264 to $290 since Sept 1st til current. Looking for a breakout (upside) or breakdown (downside) – the former is the least likely in my opinion. Looking for a decisive move past the $290 range which will open up $300+ range

NFLX – (potential short day trade watch) – ok so we had this one on watch going into Monday and it’s still currently below the mid line of BB (Bollinger band)
Negatives: below 8 / 21 / 55 / 100 EMA’s (showing relative weakness)

Levels to watch and set price alerts on:
Monday’s low 477.30 – flashed under Friday’s low of 477.80 real quick within the last half hour of the day / Monday’s high 485.58

Below 477.30 (Monday’s low) opens the door to a test of last week’s low 463.41, which could make for a nice intraday short trade. If it below that, 458.60 to 450 psychological price support next

Above Monday’s high of 485.58 levels are 488.94 (last Friday’s high) / 496 / 502.51 (daily chart gap from 11/6)

AAPL – above the mid line of the Bollinger bands / has been consolidating within the bands for a few weeks now after the stock split pump & selloff
Positives: above 8 EMA / 21 EMA

Levels to watch and set price alerts on:
Monday’s high 120.99 / Monday’s open price 118.92 / Monday’s low (if it gets there – personally I don’t think it will break below 118.14)

Last week’s high 121.99 – for upward momentum we would want to see a move above $120.99 (todays 4hr highs on a bullish engulfing candle) and break above last week’s high of 121.99 – which opens the door to next levels of 123 / 125 / 126.91 / 128.84

Last week’s low 114.13 (for us to break below that there would have to be significant negative catalyst and selling pressure on tech market) – a warning sign would first be breaking below Monday’s low 118.14 / Friday’s low 117.87 and 116.44 after that (all good levels to set price alerts on – JUST IN CASE!)

MRNA – (potential short daytrade) this one came on my radar this morning and posted a video to the members what I was thinking pre-market on how to trade it. It gapped up at open, I entered a short position, sold off a solid 7 points – locked in profit and bounced a bit. Still holding small position short (positioning for it to go down – short term) I’m noticing on the bounce it’s created a bear flag – more noticeable on the 15min and 30min charts. It’s got a measured move down of around $9 which brings it back to Friday’s closing levels of $89.39

Key levels to watch and set alerts:

95.60 (21 day EMA on hourly) – a breakdown of that leads to retest of Monday’s low 93.30 / below that opens up $91.03 area (100 EMA on the 30min chart) and Friday’s close $89.39 zone for the a gap fill

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