About Me

In 2016, I decided to dig into the financial markets – no boss, no commute, and being able to manage my investments remotely were some of the unique benefits that sparked my passion. Being in the workforce since 15, I realized that time goes by quickly and working hard needed to be supplemented with leverage and working smart. Like many others, I was never taught to invest, only to save money.

I quickly realized the market wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Many highs and lows were hit during this time. I began investing in courses and trading rooms combined with thousands of hours watching the stock market. I began sharing my experience throughout the years with friends, and their interest sparked my passion to take it up a notch. After creating consistency, I realized many people need this type of information in an understandable way. In November 2019, I launched InFocus Investing to help others take advantage of the financial markets by avoiding the most common mistakes and hidden pitfalls. Now my mission is to teach as many willing people through my trading blog, YouTube channel, courses and Discord community.

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My Vision

  • Families spending more time together, taking advantage of opportunities in the financial markets
  • Communities working together in 4 key areas – financial, physical, mental and spiritual health
  • See our youth more involved in finance – understanding how to position themselves for financial stability, both short and long term
  • Reduce suffering due to the lack of financial education

My Mission

  • Help others avoid the most common & hidden mistakes in trading & investing I encountered over 6 years
  • Provide an easy to understand education platform that simplifies the journey in a step by step manner, while providing continuing mentorship
  • Create a community of like minds who are striving to develop themselves in every way
  • Share my entire toolkit of trading strategies and resources to help accelerate the learning curve

My coaching process

I believe how we do one thing, is how we do everything. All parts of our journey in trading are impacted positively or negatively by our physical, mental, and spiritual health. I strive to lead by example through consistently sharpening my skills and always being willing to help the team learn.

Providing personal guidance

Passion for lifelong learning

Teaching transferrable skills

Contact Me

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